Creating a

100% Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging Solutions that can meet the needs of an evolving Eco-Compatible consumer market.

Environmentally Responsible Product Solutions For Food Service Operations


 GreenCentury® Enterprises Inc. manufactures and supplies environmentally responsible Compostable and Recyclable disposable food service, beverage, and prepared foods Packaging and Product Solutions. Our product lines are designed to provide the very best in quality and performance while still being an affordable alternative.

GreenCentury® compostable product lines are made from renewable and sustainable resources that do not affect the commodity price of nor take away from the availability of food sources. These products are independantly third party certified as compostable and meet ASTM standards.

Our GreenCentury® recyclable product lines require less virgin raw material sources creating a reusable and renewable source that promotes landfill diversion as long as the items are an option for recycling upon disposal.

GreenCentury® is working hard to be a leader in responsibility with all of the product lines that it supplies. And we continue to be on the cutting edge by meeting the needs of the consumer and their demands for responsible products and manufacturing.  

In today's world, it is important that every aspect of our lives be sustainable. And responsibility lies more and more with us in taking care of our environment through changing the way that we do things. Limiting our waste, reusing instead of disposing, recycling and composting is becoming an essential value in our personal and professional lives.