Our Identity Is Our Strength


Our Business was built on service.

And because of this, we are a success.


GreenCentury® was founded in 2008 by Harry Cheung, a Vancouver based company offering packaging products for the food industry. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing superior quality products and creating win-win long-lasting relationships, and treating all our clients with the same level of respect. A family run company by Harry and Maggie Cheung, who's previous business was the largest seller of DVD machines in Western Canada before that technology became obsolete.  

Green Century also provide medical device products including level 1, 2, and 3 masks and hand sanitizers. (MDEL ID: 155296). Our product lines have been rigorously tested by various governing bodies in addition to third party lab (Nelson Lab in USA) to ensure they are up to code with healthcare standards globally. Our product licenses and certifications include but are not limited to from FDA, CDC, CE, and more. With nine top mask manufacturing partners around the world and a streamlined business process, we aim to deliver a better alternative to healthcare medical supply with the North American public’s best interest in heart.

Our Vision:

Doing business is adding value to each person we encounter with integrity and honour.

Our Mission:

We empower organizations toward full circle economy with sustainable products.

Our Values:

Sustainability, Community, Quality.

Competitive Advantage:

1) Excellent Quality of Products

2) Value-driven pricing

3) Guaranteed availability of vast number of products within minimal lead times

“Our Products. Your Solution. Live in a Green Century”