Cold Cups

NatureTainer® brand crystal clear PLA products by GreenCentury® are manufactured to meet several different food service and beverage applications. Our PLA portion cups and lids, and cold drink cups give you a high quality product made from sustainable raw materials. These products are manufactured using a fermented sugar extract from refuse in food production, or PLA ( polylactic acid, polylactide). This versatile bio-polymer is a dextrose starch combined with carbon dioxide and water, and is the world’s first bio-plastic made completely from annual renewable resources.

NatureTainer® brand PLA products are clear and strong like traditional petroleum based plastics but with the ecological benefit of being compostable. All GreenCentury® PLA products perform as well or better than your traditional common plastics but offer a crystal clear look and competitive cost. They are a perfect addition to your eco - conscious food service or beverage needs.

                           ***** Certified By BPI ( Biodegradable Products Institute )*****

                                           Custom print is available for this product