Hot Cup Jacket

NatureJacket® is a durable, high quality corrugated heat insulator made from 100% recycled corrugated fiber. Our NatureJacket® are processed chemical free and contain no chemical adhesives or styrofoam backing, making it the ideal choice for the enviromentally conscious consumer. Custom printing is available with environmentally friendly soy-based vegetable inks in order to ensure post-consumer recyclability.

Custom print is available for this product

  • Heat Insulator Fits10,12,16,20,24oz Cup.

    Product Code: 80636
    SCC Code: 06282950000130
    Carton Quantity: 1000 pcs
    Pack Quantity: 100
    Carton Size: Length: 14.25" x Width: 10.5" x Height: 12.5"
    Carton Size: Length: 36.195 cm x Width: 26.67 cm x Height: 31.75 cm
    Case Cube(ft3 / m3): 1.08236 / 0.031
    Gross Weight: 4.94kg
    Net Weight: 4.5kg
    Ti x Hi 12 x 6
    Material: 100% Recycled Corrugated Fiber
    Colour: Brown